Friday, 23 July 2010

Digital Portfolio

The above work was all created during the 3rd year of the Design & Art Direction course I undertook at Manchester Metropolitan University this previous academic year.

The work varies slightly in its intended use but is all firmly placed within the design for print section.  Work ranges from logo and publication design for a charity, poster designs for arts magazine/handout Don't Panic, self initiated briefs for teaching magazines, promotional books detailing many of the activities, interests and views I have as a designer and in day to day life, posters on the affects of over development on the environment, resistance, the theory of relativity and books on silence.

My work tends to feature clean, neat design. With ease of reading and viewing paramount to my design process, limited colour palettes and bold typography with minimal yet purposeful imagery are the hallmarks of my work. A lot of the work I have produced over the last year has been self initiated and focussed towards publication design. I enjoy the process of creating publications, ensuring that the whole  book or magazine has a feel and identity throughout, the making process also appeals to me, and the whole research and development stages that go into designing and making a publication.

My hope is to study on the MA course starting in September and in particular look at publication design and how it may be forced to change in the near future due to modern technologies such as the internet, kindle and ipad.  I feel that looking further into the phenomena of how current technologies change and evolve to remain relevant when superseded by newer and supposedly better options would be a very interesting and also relevant study, as I intend to work within the field of publication design when I graduate from the masters course. I intend to spend the year creating my own personal publications based upon several different genres as well as redesigning and evaluating current publications in an effort to see what makes one style of design, or one genre of publication makes it more appropriate for digital rather than a print based and vice versa. My time would also be spent trying to interview designers, publishers, book stores, makers and sellers of the technologies that intend to replace print and hopefully at the end of it all I will have a much better idea of what the future of design for print looks like.